domingo, 2 de junio de 2013


My name is Andrea, I was born in April 1994 in Ibiza. I’ve always lived in Can Misses with my parents and my brother, I like this area because it’s quiet and near Ibiza city.
I’m in my first year at university, studying Infant Education, not only because I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but because I also love children. When I was at primary school I used to play at being a teacher.
I have a dog called Candy who is so affectionate and is always wagging her tail. But she is very naughty and gets on my parents nerves; they scold her, but, Candy still wags her tail.

One of my main interests is reading, especially romance novels such as ‘The Notebook’ written by Nicholas Sparks. Another I have is oil painting. I also enjoy watching films, listening to music whenever I have time.

All photos belong to Andrea Galve Millán

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